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When I create pdfs using the ACM template, searching for and copying umlauts doesn't work. Using cmap gives an error "fontenc already loaded". How can this be fixed?





\title{A Sample {\ttlit ACM} SIG Proceedings Paper in LaTeX}

Ben Trovato\titlenote{Dr.~Trovato insisted his name be first.}\\
       \affaddr{Institute for Clarity in Documentation}\\
       \affaddr{1932 Wallamaloo Lane}\\
       \affaddr{Wallamaloo, New Zealand}\\
\date{30 July 1999}

This paper provides a sample of a \LaTeX\ document which conforms to
the formatting guidelines for ACM SIG Proceedings.


Äöüß fiffy.

The \textit{proceedings} are the records of a conference.
ACM seeks to give these conference by-products a uniform,
high-quality appearance.
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The developers of the class think that in the last 17 years no progress has been made with fonts.

In lines 1470--1492 they reproduce the package ae.sty, that is obsolete. You can add


to your preamble and solve the problem. The call of cmap is not needed.



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Do you think anyone will notice that I used a different font when they compile the conference proceedings? – Cephalopod May 4 '14 at 10:48
@Arian They'll probably remove \usepackage{lmodern} if they recompile the document. But it's their business. – egreg May 4 '14 at 11:16

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