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I need to create fillable pdf files. In first time I need just to add combox that contains Yes/No in a column of a table. I have looked questions here and I found this :

Creating fillable PDFs

How do you say Happy New Year with LaTeX?

They suggest to use hyperref or eforms packages.

I'm interested in eforms package as we create amazing things.

My questions : Why eforms is not texlive package? Do I need Acrobat Reader (Pro?) to get my forms fully working? Is hyperref is a good alternative to eforms?

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The eforms package produces PDFs which use Adobe Reader-specific code (specials) to achieve its effects. As such, whilst the code can be used in a free-as-in-beer sense (the package is licensed under the LPPL and Adobe Reader is a free download), it is not usable in a free-as-in-speech manner (Adobe Reader is only available as a binary). The TeX Live policy includes a requirement that

the material in TeX Live should not require nonfree software to be useful.

which rules out any packages which only work using closed-source products, even when the packages themselves have open-source licenses. This applies not only to eforms but also to a variety of font support bundles, etc. You will need to install eforms manually.

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