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I am trying to use Iguanatex, but the program cannot access dvipng. According to the MikTeX package manager, mixtex-dvipng-bin-2.9 has been installed and I see dvipng.exe in the MikTeX 2.9 installation directory.

However, when I try to compile a simple document in WinEdt, I get the error " File 'dvipng.sty' not found." MikTeX does not try to install the package, ostensibly because it has already been installed.

Could anyone please help me get dvipng (and, by extension, Iguanatex) working?


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When I try running dvipng.exe, I get an error message telling me that MiKTeX208-app.dll is missing. Is dvipng not compatible with the latest version of MikTeX? – mgoldman May 13 '14 at 19:38
I could run dvipng in miktex 2.9 without problem. But I don't understand why you write in winedt and what document you are trying to compile and why you are trying to load a non-existing sty. From the description Iguanatex is a power point add-on. – Ulrike Fischer May 14 '14 at 9:20

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