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Using biblatex, is it possible to merge the list of shorthands into the bibliography?

The goal is to have a single alphabetical list of references, regardless of whether they are cited in shorthand notation or not.

For example, the entry for a certain lexicon cited as LIV should appear at 'L-' in the general bibliography, like this:


Liberman (1982) ...

LIV = Rix, Helmut et al. (2001): Lexikon der indogermanischen Verben ...

Luick (1914) ...


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This solution changes the sorting scheme, and hence requires biber as the backend.


        \printfield{shorthand}\addspace =\addspace}}


    shorthand = {GrI},
    author = {Bertram, Aaron and Wentworth, Richard},
    title = {Gromov invariants for holomorphic maps on Riemann surfaces},
    journaltitle = {J.~Amer. Math. Soc.},
    volume = {9},
    number = {2},
    date = {1996},
    pages = {529--571}}
    author = {Gillies, Alexander},
    title = {Herder and the Preparation of Goethe's Idea of World Literature},
    journaltitle = {Publications of the English Goethe Society},
    volume = {9},
    date = {1933},
    pages = {46--67}}

\cite{bertram} and \cite{gillies}

enter image description here

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Thank you, I managed to get this working! I had to jump through some hoops to install biber, though, because it's not packaged for Debian/Ubuntu yet (as far as I can see). I ended up installing this binary: (sourceforge.net/projects/biblatex-biber/files/biblatex-biber/…), this version of biblatex: (packages.debian.org/unstable/main/biblatex) and these dependencies: (people.debian.org/~jhr). – Ulmo May 11 '11 at 9:22

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