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How can I right align the following two columns, just specifying that there will be at most 5 integer digits and never any decimals? I can't seem to get the right combination of options. I can align it properly, but I lose all the commas for some reason.



S[table-format = 5.0,group-digits=true,group-separator={,},table-number-alignment = right,input-ignore={,},input-decimal-markers={.},group-digits=true,group-separator={\,}]
S[table-format = 5.0,group-separator={,},table-number-alignment = right,input-ignore={,},input-decimal-markers={.},group-digits=true,group-separator={\,}]
siunitx: &\num{19000}                &\num{19,000} \\
siunitx: &\num{7,000}                &\num{7,000} \\
siunitx: &\num{900}                &\num{900} \\
siunitx: &\num{90}                &\num{90} \\
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You are using \num inside an S column: that's not how it works. The column contents are parsed 'directly':


  input-decimal-markers = .,input-ignore = {,},table-number-alignment = right,
  group-separator={,}, group-four-digits = true

  rS[table-format = 5.0]S[table-format = 5.0]
siunitx: &19000                &19,000 \\
siunitx: &7,000                &7,000 \\
siunitx: &900                  &900 \\
siunitx: &90                   &90 \\
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The alignment is fine, but the commas are still missing. I need them in the output. How can I put them back after using input-ignore={,}? If I add a group-separator = {,} it doesn't put a comma after the 7 in 7000, only after the 19 in 19000! – user2146441 May 19 '14 at 15:46
@user2146441 They have nothing to do with those in the input: I've added the appropriate options – Joseph Wright May 19 '14 at 15:49

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