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The timeline




\subsection*{Biographical cornerstones}
%\chronoevent{1858}{\parbox{5cm}{Publication of Darwin's Evolutionary Theory}}
%\chronoevent{1883}{\parbox{5cm}{born in the Austrian part of Austrian part of Austria-Hungary}}
\chronoevent{1858}{Publication of Darwin's Evolutionary Theory}
\chronoevent{1883}{born in the Austrian part of Austrian part of Austria-Hungary}
\chronoevent{1950}{died 1950 in USA}


looks like this: enter image description here

(pdf screenshot with borders of okular reader in 100 % zoom)

Following issues arise:

  • How to keep labels on the page (line breaks should be calculated automatically)? Adding the parbox (in comments) helps but it might break the alignment of the following issue (so I commented it out in order to indicate that it is not mandatory).
  • How to fix vertical alignment so that it looks like in chronosys documentation (http://ftp.fau.de/ctan/macros/latex/contrib/chronosys/docchronosys_en.pdf) in section (where I don't see how to achieve this layout)?
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