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I'd like to draw SQL tables, some example content and relations between the id's. Output should be something like below, without the contents.

Relational model

Could you help me with a head start here? Is there any libraries for this already?

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I would suggest to use UML, as it is the correct way of relational database presentation tool. If you wanna go that way, then you can have a look at TikZ-UML. – Pouya May 26 '14 at 11:16
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An example with some matrix nodes. Fixing nodes width is necessary to correctly draw empty cells borders.

table/.style={matrix of nodes, nodes in empty cells, column sep=-\pgflinewidth, row sep=-\pgflinewidth, nodes={draw,anchor=center,minimum width=2cm,minimum height=2cm}, row 1/.style={nodes={minimum height=1cm}}}]

\matrix(Dept) [table, label=above:Department] {
    No & Name \\ & \\};

\matrix(Professor) [table, label=above:Professor, right=1cm of Dept] {
    No & Name & DeptNo & Courses \\ & & & \\};

\matrix(Course) [table, label=above:Course, below=1.25cm of Dept] {
    No & DeptNo & Prof ID & Unit \\ & & & \\};

\matrix(Student) [table, label=above:Course, right=1cm of Course] {
    ID & Name & Course \\ & & \\};

\draw (Dept-2-1.south)--++(0,-.5)-|(Professor-2-3);
\draw (Professor-2-4.south)--++(0,-.75)-|(Course-1-1.north);
\draw (Course-2-1.south)--++(0,-.5)-|(Student-2-3.south);

enter image description here

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Thanks. Very useful answer. However, I do have problems with migrating this into article document class. \usetikzlibrary{matrix,positioning} isn't working in article. – t-my Jun 3 '14 at 12:23
@t-my you need to include \usepackage{tikz} before usetikzlabry. The example didn't use it because standalone class automatically loads it with tikz option. – Ignasi Jun 3 '14 at 12:32

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