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Note: I have already searched through this site on how to do this but a lot of the things explained make little to no sense to me, I am a novice at this stuff so I was wondering if could get a little more info.

I am using MiKTeX 2.9. I would love to be able to use the pgfornament package but I always get the following error:


C:/Users/Chase/Documents/LaTeX Files/ornament trial.tex:3: LaTeX Error: File `pgfornament.sty' not found.

Is there a simple way to remedy this? I found a couple things about a "TDS Tree" and I am not sure what that is or how to use it. I have also found the packages folder in my MiKTeX folder with a lot of .tpm files. How can I add this package to MiKTeX?

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According with the package documentation: With MiKTeX , copy folder pgfornament into C:\texmf\tex\latex , then run MiKTeX Options . In the File name database section, click on Refresh now . –  JLDiaz May 27 at 7:39
There is no miktex package. You will have to install manually. Get the zip (altermundus.com/pages/downloads/packages/pgfornament/…) unpack it, move all files that looks as you would need them to a folder whatever/tex/latex/pgfornament outside of miktex. Then go to miktex options, tab roots and add whatever as a new root. –  Ulrike Fischer May 27 at 14:26
Thanks guys, my problem was that the root wasn't set up, worked like a charm, thanks! –  chs21259 May 27 at 15:58

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