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When node/child style is used, it is possible to achieve fork down edge style picured here: enter image description here

What would be the syntax for the similar edge style, but using graph?

The below MWE produces sloped edges:


\usetikzlibrary{graphs, graphdrawing}
\usegdlibrary{trees, layered}


\graph [
    binary tree layout,
    sibling distance=4mm,
    level distance=8mm,
    components go right top aligned,
    component sep=1pt,
    -- Current Employee
        -- {
            Subordinate 1--{Worker 01,Worker 02},
            Subordinate 2--{SubSubordinate 21--{Worker 21,Worker 22,Worker 23}
        Subordinate 3-- SubSubordinate01--{Worker 11,Worker 12}
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