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I'm currently using \date{\today} to put the current date at the top of my document. However, I would like the date to read "Friday, May 13, 2011" instead of just "May 13, 2011". Is there a command to get the name of the current day of the week or something else I could use to do that?


Looks like the real problem I was having was that MikTeX was set to "ask me first" before downloading missing packages. Apparently that setting doesn't work correctly in the version I have, so it was failing to download the datetime package. I had to set it to download without asking to get it to work.

This solution also works, assuming the datetime package is actually installed:

Today is \dayofweekname{\day}{\month}{\year}.
May 11, 2011 was \dayofweekname{11}{5}{2011}.    
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See the datenumber package documentation for more details.

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In ConTeXt you can use


To get the output that you want:

\currentdate[weekday,{, },month,{ },day,{, },year]
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