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There are a few accounting figures which I am making, and I need to add curly braces and arrows with boxes of text inside near table environments. Here is an example figure: example

I want to use TikZ for this, in combination with a tabular enviroment maybe? This just looks so difficult that I'm not even sure what to start with to give you a sample code of my attempt. Also, I'm not sure how to use a 'rule' style command which just underlines a certain column as in the figure, not the entire row.

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I think you want \cmidrule{a-b} which will draw a midrule between column a and column b. \midrule draws one the whole width of the table. Or, without booktabs (not recommended), use \cline{a-b}. – cfr Jun 1 '14 at 19:13
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How about this:




\tikzstyle{block} = [rectangle, draw, fill=blue!20, text width=6.5em, text centered, rounded corners, minimum height=3.25em]
\def \n {3}
\coordinate (a0) at (\n,-0.5);
\coordinate (a1) at (\n,-1);
\coordinate (a2) at (\n,-1.5);
\draw[decoration={brace,amplitude=0.6em,mirror},decorate,ultra thick,gray]($(a1)!(a0.north)!($(a1)-(0,1)$)$) --  ($(a1)!(a2.south)!($(a1)-(0,1)$)$);
\node[block] at ($(a1)-(1.85,0)$) {text 1};

\coordinate (b1) at (\n,-2.5);
\draw[->,ultra thick,gray](b1) --  ($(b1)+(1,0)$);
\node[block] at ($(b1)-(1.85,0)$) {text 2};
Bla, bla\ldots\\[2mm]

A & B & C\\
1 & 3 & 3\\
2 & 4 & 6

text \ldots

The rest is fine tuning of the coordinates.

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Thank you! I was able to figure out how all of this works from your answer. – Samuel Reid Jun 1 '14 at 21:34

I personally would recommend using the infamous \tikzmark. With this you:

  • complete the table as you normally would
  • mark specfic points with a \tikzmark{<name>}
  • access these \tikzmarks in a \tikzpicture with the [overlay,remember picture] options and draw as desired.

This allows one to separate the tabular date form the drawings that needs to be added.

enter image description here





\newcommand{\tikzmark}[1]{\tikz[overlay,remember picture] \node[baseline] (#1) {};}

\tikzset{My Node Style/.style={midway, right, xshift=3.0ex, align=left, font=\small, draw=blue, thin, fill=cyan!25, text=black}}

    % #1 = draw options
    % #2 = top mark
    % #2 = bottom mark
    % #4 = label
  \draw[decorate,decoration={brace, amplitude=1.5ex}, #1] 
    ([yshift=1ex]#2.north east)  -- ([yshift=-1ex]#3.south east)
        node[My Node Style] {#4};

    % #1 = draw options
    % #2 = mark
    % #3 = label
  \draw[<-, shorten >=0.1cm, #1] 
    ([shift={(0.0cm,0.5ex)}]#2.east)  -- ([shift={(1.0cm,0.5ex)}]#2.east)
        node[My Node Style] {#3};

\multicolumn{4}{c}{Big Dog Carworks Corp.}\tikzmark{Heading Top} \\
\multicolumn{4}{c}{Income Statement} \\
\multicolumn{4}{c}{For the month eded Jan. 31, 2015}\tikzmark{Heading Bottom} \\
\multicolumn{2}{l}{Revenues} \\[0.5ex]
    & Repair Revenues && \$ \num{15000} \\
\multicolumn{2}{l}{Expenses} \\
    & Rent Expense & \$ \num{1500} \\
    & Salaries Expense & \$ \num{3500} \\
    & Supplies Expense & \$ \num{3500} \\
    & Fuel Expense & \$ \num{3500} \\
    & Total Expenses && \$ \num{12000} \\
    & Net Income     && \$ \num{03000} \tikzmark{Net Income Mark}\\
\begin{tikzpicture}[overlay,remember picture]
    \VerticalBrace[ultra thick, blue]{Heading Top}{Heading Bottom}{%
        The heading shows the name \\
        of the entity, the type of \\
        financial statement, and the \\
        \textit{period-in-time} date.%
    \DrawArrow[ultra thick, blue]{Net Income Mark}{%
        The net income is transferred \\
        to the statement of changes \\
        in equity.%

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