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I need to add these lines to the copyright box:

Copyright is held by the owner/author(s). Publication rights licensed to ACM.
ACM 978-1-4503-2452-6/14/07…$15.00.

Following the answer in here, I added:

\crdata{978-1-4503-2452-6/14/07\ ...\$15.00.\\   

The result is now:

Copyright 2014 ACM 978-1-4503-2452-6/14/07 ...$15.00.
http://dx.doi.org/10.1145/2632362.263XXXX ...$15.00

The $15.00 in the DOI line is added automatically with the \crdata. How should I remove it without modifying the class file. Thank you.

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That part of the ACM boilerplate is typeset by the command

\global\copyrightetc{Copyright \the\copyrtyr\ ACM \the\acmcopyr\ ...\$15.00}

You can change it by inserting

\global\copyrightetc{Copyright \the\copyrtyr\ ACM \the\acmcopyr}

in your preamble.

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Shouldn't there be an extra meta-data field for the DOI like the "acmcopyr" or "copyrtyr" fields? –  Andrei Nov 18 '14 at 15:55

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