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We want to generate a document that contains parts in different languages (e.g. Dutch, French and English). The problem is that these languages have different hyphen patterns and notations (e.g. in French one writes a space before a colon).

Is there an elegant way to swap between languages, something like:

The list contains three items: one, two, and three.
De lijst bevat drie elementen: \'e\'en, twee en drie.
La liste contient trois \'el\'ements: un, deux et trois.
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It's explained in the documentation. I don't know if this is the optimal way to do it, but you could use \begin{otherlanguage}{dutch} … \end{otherlanguage} instead of \begin{dutch} … \end{dutch}. EDIT: Although it recommends to enclose that environment in another pair of braces {…}… so there might be a better way. And, of course, you can define your own environments based upon these. –  Manuel Jun 12 at 12:29

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