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I have to make a cover template for a document. At the end of the page, I have to add the revision number with other useful info like this example:

    Revision 0 & 06-11-2014 & Initial Release & John Smith \\
    Revision 1 & 06-12-2014 & Changed something & Joe Blow \\


In the TEX document, the user would have to add their revision like this:

\AddRevision{06-11-2014}{Initial Release}{John Smith}
\AddRevision{06-12-2014}{Changed something}{Joe Blow}

When generating the PDF, this should automatically generate the tabular above. Note that the revision's number is automatically increase by 1 at each AddRevision.

What I have tried

I'm not familiar with Latex macros, so this is what I have for the moment. I just don't know if I'm close to the solution or if I'm doing totally wrong. Here's the code in my CLS file:

\def\AddRev#1,#2,#3{\RevDate{#1}, \RevDesc{#2}, \RevAuthor{#3} \stepCounter{RowCounter}}

    \forloop{i}{0}{\value{i} < \value{RowCounter}}
        Revision \arabic{i} & \RevDate & \RevDesc & \RevAuthor \\

   % some stuff


Is my objective possible ? If yes, What am I doing wrong ? What's the best and clean solution ? Any suggestions are welcome.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Here is one way:

enter image description here


I would recommend you put everything prior to the first \AddRevision in a separate package and have the users add the revisions before \begin{document}.




%% http://tex.stackexchange.com/questions/175568/build-tabular-content-via-foreach
    %%% assignments to \@tabtoks must be global, because they are done in \foreach
    %%% variable should always be operated on always locally or always globally

    \eAddTableTokens{Revision \arabic{RowCounter} & #1 & #2 & #3 \\}%

   % some stuff



\AddRevision{06-11-2014}{Initial Release}{John Smith}
\AddRevision{06-12-2014}{Changed something}{Joe Blow}


     main document here

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