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I have input data that looks like this:

Age Count   Cumulative Count    Percent Cumulative Percent                  
24  1   1   1.4084507   1.4084507
25  1   2   1.4084507   2.81690141
30  2   4   2.81690141  5.63380282
31  1   5   1.4084507   7.04225352
32  1   6   1.4084507   8.45070423

The standard bar plot is too dense:



\pgfplotstableread[col sep=tab]{../tables/dob-roditelja.dat}{\tableparentage}


    ylabel style={rotate=-90},
    bar width=5pt
\addplot table[x=Age,y=Count]{\tableparentage};


enter image description here

I therefore considered having a histogram instead with age groups 20-25, 26-30 and so on. Reading from the manual, it seems that the input data is repeated if there are multiple values to be plotted in a histogram.

How can I have input values with counts already in the table?

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