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 m_{1+}\hat{p}_{1H}\hat{q}_{1H} & \multicolumn{2}{c}{\text{\kern0.5em\smash{\raisebox{-1ex}{\Large 0}}}} & \multicolumn{1}{|c}{m_{12}\hat{p}_{1H}\hat{q}_{1H}}  \\ 
   & \ddots &  &\multicolumn{1}{|c}{\vdots}\\ 
\multicolumn{2}{c}{\text{\kern-0.5em\smash{\raisebox{0.75ex}{\Large 0}}}} & m_{I+}\hat{p}_{IH}\hat{q}_{IH} & \multicolumn{1}{|c}{m_{I2}\hat{p}_{IH}\hat{q}_{IH}} \\ 
\cline{1-5} \\ m_{12}\hat{p}_{1H}\hat{q}_{1H} & \hdots & m_{I2}\hat{p}_{IH}\hat{q}_{IH} & \multicolumn{1}{|c}{\sum_{i=1}^I m_{i2}\hat{p}_{iH}\hat{q}_{iH}}

I want this:

enter image description here

I have this:

enter image description here

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Please post a minimal working example next time. You haven't done that in any of your questions so far. –  Svend Tveskæg Jun 24 at 17:52

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Here is what I made...

I didn't use the pmatrix, but the arrayenvironment, and the multirow package to put the 0 in 2 rows... I think it's better...

Here's what I've got : My Solution

Here is a MWE :


\usepackage{amsmath, amsthm, amssymb, amsfonts}


\renewcommand\arraystretch{1.5} % To increase the spaces between rows...


\left( \begin{array}{ccc|c}
 m_{1+}\hat{p}_{1H}\hat{q}_{1H} & & \multirow{2}{*}{\Large 0} & m_{12}\hat{p}_{1H}\hat{q}_{1H}  \\ 
 \multirow{2}{*}{\Large 0}   & \ddots &  & \vdots\\ 
& & m_{I+}\hat{p}_{IH}\hat{q}_{IH} & m_{I2}\hat{p}_{IH}\hat{q}_{IH} \\ \hline 
m_{12}\hat{p}_{1H}\hat{q}_{1H} & \hdots & m_{I2}\hat{p}_{IH}\hat{q}_{IH} & \displaystyle{\sum_{i=1}^I m_{i2}\hat{p}_{iH}\hat{q}_{iH}}


I hope it helps...

PS : the displaystyle option in the last cell is to force LaTeX to write the expression like in classical math mode...

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I would stay away from that monster and instead go with


Let $a$ be the vector and m be the diagonal matrix given by 
a = \begin{pmatrix}\hat{p}_{1H}\hat{q}_{1H} & \ldots & \hat{p}_{IH}\hat{q}_{IH}\end{pmatrix}^T
\!\!,\ \ m = \diag{m_{12},\ldots,m_{I2}},
then the info matrix $A$ is given by 
A = \begin{pmatrix}m+\diag{a}&ma\\ (ma)^T &\;\ \|ma\|_1\end{pmatrix}


with tiny adjustments here and there thanks to Aditya's recommendation.

enter image description here

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I appreciate the sound advice :) –  Benjamin Jun 18 at 2:14
In this notation, you can also get rid of the horizontal and vertical lines. –  Aditya Jun 24 at 15:51
@Aditya Well said. I'll update –  percusse Jun 24 at 17:26

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