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Does anybody know of a \bibliographystyle exactly like chicago, however with a comma after the journal name just before the volume? Or is there an easy way to implement a comma in the chicago.bst file?


Ross, M. L. (2001). Does oil hinder democracy? World Politics, 53(3), 325–361.

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There is an easy way. Just edit two lines in the format.jour.vol function, which begins on line 695 of chicago.bst:

FUNCTION {format.jour.vol}
{ journal empty$
    { "no journal in " cite$ * warning$
      "" }
    { journal emphasize.space }
  number empty$
    { volume empty$
       { "no number and no volume in " cite$ * warning$
         "" * }
       { ", {\em " * Volume * "}" * }  % EDIT: added comma, replaced non-breaking space
    { volume empty$
      {"no volume for " cite$ * warning$
       "~(" * number * ")" * }
      { ", " *    % EDIT: added comma, replaced non-breaking space
        volume emphasize.space
        "(" * number * ")" * * }

If you'd prefer not to have any linebreaks between the journal name and volume number, just replace the space following the comma with a non-breaking space (~). You might want to save this as a new file, say:


(where texmf-local is the path to your TeX installation) and then update the TeX file index.

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