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When I write


in texmaker, I want it to suggest flalign} as a possible choice for autocompletion. At the moment, texmaker doesn't complete \begin{flalign} automatically; as a result, it also doesn't autocomplete \end{flalign}.

I've noticed that texmaker fails to autocomplete other commands too... Is there a way to enable autocompletion for those commands in texmaker?

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Did you check the advanced options? TeXstudio has a powerful autocompletion tool and it looks like TeXmaker. – Sigur Jun 21 '14 at 15:15
TeXstudio looks cool too and I have no problems with switching so I'll try that. Does TeXstudio come with a viewer? I liked that feature in TeXmaker! – RidableCthulu Jun 21 '14 at 15:18
Yes, you can use its viewer embedded or in a separated window. Also you can use inverse search and a lot of tools. – Sigur Jun 21 '14 at 15:19
Thank you! I'll download it and give it a try. – RidableCthulu Jun 21 '14 at 15:22
Welcome to TeX.SX! Usually, we don't put a greeting or a “thank you” in our posts. While this might seem strange at first, it is not a sign of lack of politeness, but rather part of our trying to keep everything very concise. Accepting and upvoting answers is the preferred way here to say “thank you” to users who helped you. – Jubobs Jun 21 '14 at 16:19
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In the menu, select User > Customize Completion. Then add \begin{flalign} to the list of commands. You can also specify arguments using @, e.g \foobar{@}.

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