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I am using Sublime Text 2 with LatexTools on OS X 10.6. When I build, I get "TraditionalBuilder: Invoking latexmk... done." Yet Skim does not open the PDF. The problem might be related to the result of typing 'latexmk' in Terminal:

File::Path version 2.08 required--this is only version 2.07_02 at /usr/texbin/latexmk line 121.

What is the solution?

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It would be best to update your Perl installation, since it appears to be several years outdated. (The release date of version 2.08 of the File::Path module is 2009-10-04; this is the minimum version that latexmk tests for.)

However, you could try changing the latexmk.pl file to change the line

use File::Path 2.08 qw( make_path );


use File::Path 2.07 qw( make_path );

If that gives you no trouble, you are OK.

(Perhaps some experts on Perl and its history could suggest whether the version test that I wrote into the latexmk code is too conservative.)

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