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My apologies that this is no doubt a seriously dumb question but here goes ...

I select a block of text in the TeXShop source window: open the "find" panel and do a "replace all" in the selection.


But suppose I now want to do a second "replace all" on the same block of text (ok, it won't be exactly the same, 'cos I've just changed some stuff). The boundaries of the now-revised selection seem to have been forgotten. Seemingly I have to reselect the block -- which can be a pain if it is e.g. a big block spanning hundreds of lines.

Is there a neat way to recover the (revised) last selection, or to fix on the boundaries of a selection and do some multiple "replace all"s within those boundaries without re-selecting each time?

OK, I'm probably going to be sent straight to the dunce's corner, ...

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