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In case it matters I am using TeXnicCenter with miktex, LaTeX => PDF configuration.

If I do the following:


I get a PDF which looks fine in Adobe Reader. And when the cursor is over the image, it becomes a cross. Selecting it the image is highlighted and I can copy image to the clipboard with a right click. This is quite handy.

Now if I use


or any smaller scaling, the pdf looks fine, but the copy image just results in a large black square in the clipboard (still of the correct size though).

Searching around, all I've found a thread on LinuxQuestions.org which reports a similar problem (not related to the scaling). Which notes that this is due to a single image sometimes getting stored as multiple overlays in the pdf. They give an alternative way to copy the images (which is inconvenient for non-linux users), but don't give information for how to write the latex to avoid this in the first place.

Is there someway to fix this?

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This is nothing to do with TeX - the image will be included in the same way in both cases. It's down to Reader. – Joseph Wright May 25 '11 at 19:49
Did you tried to to zoom in and try it again. – Martin Scharrer May 25 '11 at 21:18
I'd day also assume a Reader problem. You use Adobe Reader X, I presume? Ever since I use X instead of 9, it also commonly fails at copying code from PDF (e.g. pgfmanual.pdf) which never happened before. – Tom Bombadil Sep 9 '11 at 1:58

(Originaly posted as comments by Joseph Wright and Tom Bombadil)

This has nothing to do with TeX -- the image will be included in the same way in both cases. It's a Reader problem. Note that Adobe Reader X -- unlike version 9 -- also commonly fails at copying code from PDF (e.g. pgfmanual.pdf).

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