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Is it possible to acheive something similar to

\title{\myTitle \thanks{ \input{../acknowledgement} }}

(which doesn't work?) in order to load the content for \thanks on the fly?

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I assume "doesn't work" means in this case "Generates the following error:"

! Use of \@xfootnotemark doesn't match its definition.
\@ifnextchar ... \reserved@d =#1\def \reserved@a {
                                                  #2}\def \reserved@b {#3}\f...
l.8 \maketitle


\thanks expands its argument (at least which the standard classes) and so you need to \protect the \input:


\def\myTitle{My title}



An alternative would be the catchfile package to store the content of the input file in a macro first using \CatchFileDef{\mymacro}{<file>}{}.

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Yes! \protect does the trick! Thanks! – Chris May 26 '11 at 8:45
Thanks! Can you add a tiny bit about what protect does, or a link to a relevant resource? This works, but it's also really confusing :/ – Clément Jul 22 at 14:03

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