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I am trying to reduce the space between the title and the abstract (the paper have no authors). IEEETran style is being used. I tried the \vspace command but it didn't work, any ideas, recommendations?

Just to be clear I have something like this:

\title{Some Title}
This is for test text...

I want to reduce the vertical space between "Some Title" and "This is...."

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The \maketitle command is in my opinion one of the most annoying ones, with too much restrictions, together with abstract environments` I always generate a titlepage from scratch, without \title. So, where did you try to apply \vspace –  Christian Hupfer Jul 10 at 8:36
The space is reserved for the \author. Why do you not want to put your name on the document? –  Andrew Swann Jul 10 at 8:36
@Anderson: If it is not the final version and only an intermediate state, I wonder, why you worry about some space there? Do you have a page limit? Well, all efforts to reduce the space will break if you have to insert \author then. –  Christian Hupfer Jul 10 at 10:27
Well, an ugly hack could be \title{Some Title\vspace{-1.5\baselineskip}}, but I hate such manual shifts –  Christian Hupfer Jul 10 at 10:28
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