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If you want to write an algorithm, you have to write three commands to initialize a writing environment.


\begin{algorithm} % no.1
\begin{algorithmic} % no.2
\Procedure{Sum}{100} % no.3
\State abcd

And write three lines to end it. So is there any way to wrap it up, using one command to simplify it?

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You can define a myalgorithm environment (you can call it anything you want) that does this. If you add


you can use this in your document as

  \State abcd

The two arguments are those that are given to the \Procedure command. Note that this will not allow you to add a caption or label to the algorithm floating environment.

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Thank you for that. \end{myalgorithm} in the end. – Yuze Jul 13 '14 at 5:44

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