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I have a source file called 2011-05-27_Myfilename.tex and I'd like to create a PDF file from it called only Myfilename.pdf.

Can this be configured from within the .tex file itself?

(It seems to be possible with

pdflatex -jobname=Myfilename.tex 2011-05-27_Myfilename.tex

However, as many different files are concerned, It would be easier to have an option like output=Myfilename in the LaTeX source code.)

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I'm used to making Makefile scripts to generate my PDFs. If that is your case, too, it's easy to enough to either rename the .tex or the .pdf in the process. – ℝaphink May 27 '11 at 7:23
@Raphink: Thanks, that Makefile approach sounds like a good workaround, however I did not use it yet. As I'm using GUI editors it is quite easy to use the keyboard shortcut to run pdflatex. – MostlyHarmless May 27 '11 at 7:28
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I'm afraid you cannot alter the output name from within the LaTeX source: the \jobname primitive can be read but not altered. You can arrange two-file solutions which allow one LaTeX file to 'call' another, but I am not sure that will answer your problem here.

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Just found this question and I have one more remark: obviously, you can do \def\jobname{whatever}, and if you do it early enough, it will affect the names of the .aux, .toc etc. files - but not the pdf. – mbork Jul 31 '11 at 20:40

You can specify additional parameters (like jobname) at the very beginning of your main file (even before \documentclass):

%& -job-name=newfilenameialwayswanted

It slightly depends on your compiler but it should work.

An additional comment: If you use an IDE, this may cause troubles for file opening hotkeys (the file they will try to open will not be there), in this case, you can look for an option like "output profile" (TeXnicCenter name) - you can also change the filename this way.

So there're no totally convenient ways to change your output filename from source, but it is possible.

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You can do as follows.

Hello World

\foreach \outputfilename in {a,b,c}{\immediate\write18{pdflatex -jobname=\outputfilename\space template}}
The files we created automatically are:

\foreach \outputfilename in {a,b,c}{\fbox{\includegraphics[scale=2]{\outputfilename}}\endgraf}

enter image description here

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