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I have created, using hyperref, a set of fillable PDF forms. When I open the PDFs in Adobe Acrobat Reader, the forms work as expected (these are simple no-frills forms without any JavaScript - one of those fill-it-in-and-print-it-out varieties).

However, when I try to include these forms in a larger LaTeX document (where these will be present in the Appendices), using (pdfpages):


and pdflatex that larger document, I just get the static text fields in the appendix - the fillable part of the form is gone!

I wish to retain the PDF form as is (which I thought was how pdfpages worked). What are my options (if I am not missing something rather simple)?

Is there an alternative to pdfpages here?

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Unfortunately, I don't think that is how pdfpages works. See the last paragraph before section two. I believe it relies on graphicx, which suggests to me that it is simply (to use an unfair adverb) inserting an "image" in a clever way. –  jon Jul 17 at 3:58
I think, that pdfpages includes the files as flat, i.e. without any further PDF feature, just like a graphics file. –  Christian Hupfer Jul 17 at 8:37
Any non-pdfpages solution? –  user2751530 Jul 17 at 19:44
@ChristianHupfer : I think you are right. I just made a quick test, and when embedding with pdfpages a pdf with links, they disappear. I was'nt aware of this lack. –  Clément Jul 17 at 20:06
@user2751530 : if this form was generated by LaTeX, why could'nt you include its source code in your larger document? Did you consider the standalone package? –  Clément Jul 17 at 20:08

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