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I have a Markdown document with pandoc-style citations such as [@johndoe2014]. This documents needs to be converted to LaTeX for submission to a scientific journal. The LaTeX template of the journal stipulates the use of the cite package, and asks to avoid using additional packages for compatibility purposes.

I am aware that using --biblatex or --natbib options with pandoc, one can convert pandoc-style citations to one of these styles, in our example to \autocites{johndoe2014}.

Would it be possible to automatically convert pandoc-style citations to the cite format, e.g. \cite{johndoe2014}? Thank you.

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Maybe I misunderstand the problem, but what's stopping you from doing a 'replace all' autocites->cite in your editor or writing a script to do the same? –  Mass Jul 22 at 14:09
...or you could simply put \let\autocites=\cite into your preamble and don't worry about doing a replace-all. –  Andrew Jul 22 at 14:30
Can you present a small example? –  egreg Jul 22 at 14:52
It is highly unlikely that the --natbib option produces \autocites{<key>} since that is not a natbib command. Can you be more precise about how you are calling pandoc? –  jon Jul 22 at 17:46
@jon \autocites pertains to biblatex, of course, which I have mentioned along with natbib. –  Maxim.K Jul 23 at 7:31

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