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I'm using tikz (tikzpicture to be precise) to make some "drawings" (trees). The problem is that my "drawing" is too long to fit on one single page (it's too long). I was wondering what was the best way to display it on two (or more) pages :

  • crop the picture and display it twice, first half on one page and second on second

  • use some option that would allow to display the image on the first page and continue on the second page if the picture is too long... (but how?)

  • ?


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In my proposed solution, the picture is put into a macro \mypicture which takes rectangle coordinates as parameters. These are used to set the bounding box and clip the picture. This macro is used twice for displaying the picture. Here, I used some overlap between the two parts of the long picture but this can be adjusted easily.


  \path[draw=red,use as bounding box] (#1) rectangle ++(#2);% remove 'draw=red' if you don't want a frame
  \clip (#1) rectangle ++(#2);
  % Here comes the actual picture:
  \foreach \n in {1,...,10}
      (0,\the\numexpr3*\n\relax) circle (2cm) node {\Huge\n};



enter image description here

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Thanks for your quick response ! – mwoua Jul 30 '14 at 15:11

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