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I'm using TeXworks v. 0.4.3 r.857 (with MiKTex 2.9 64-bit). I am also using gvim on Windows to edit the source. Hence, I use the TeXworks source window only to ensure that the compiling is proceeding in a sane manner. When I'm editing in gvim, I frequently save the *.tex file, which causes the TeXworks source window to pop to the front. This is extremely annoying as it obscures the preview window. I look at the preview window contents while editing the source in gvim. I tried dragging the TeXworks source window out of the way, but it always goes back to its home position when it pops to the front. I know that I can change the home position by saving the document in TeXworks and exiting, but sometimes I do want the TeXworks source window to be not tucked away mostly off-screen.

What I really wish is for the TeXworks source window to simply comply with my wishes and stay put wherever I position it, even if it must come the front. Is this possible in TeXworks?

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TeXworks: Moving source window and having it stay put

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