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I am still working on formatting my references according to my department’s standard. I am currently trying to alter a date format but failing.

I need:

30. Sept. 2003.

Yet anything I do doesn’t seem to have any influence. Find attached a MWE:


%% Here are my tries.


\AtEveryBibitem{\clearlist{language}} % clears language
\AtEveryBibitem{\clearfield{note}}    % clears notes
\AtEveryBibitem{\clearfield{series}}   % clears Series


and a .bib-extract:

    Author = {{Secr{\'e}tariat {\`a} la politique linguistique Qu{\'e}bec}},
    Date-Modified = {2014-08-03 17:01:54 +0000},
    File = {Dynamique des langues en quelques chiffres \: Tableaux - Secr{\'e}tariat {\`a} la politique linguistique.pdf:/Users/Moritz/Desktop/Dynamique des langues en quelques chiffres \: Tableaux - Secr{\'e}tariat {\`a} la politique linguistique.pdf:application/pdf},
    Month = jul,
    Title = {La dynamique des langues en quelques chiffres : Tableaux},
    Urldate = {2014-07-28},
    Year = {2014}}][1]

Here’s my not-perfect output

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Is there really a dot after 30? –  Bernard Aug 3 at 17:11
Yes, I just double-checked. –  Moritz Aug 3 at 17:15
Strange… Never seen that. Btw, do you know that if you use biber, your .bib file can be utf8-encoded, i.e. you can type Québec, for instance (comment aside, I suppose it's du Québec). –  Bernard Aug 3 at 17:19
Is the urldate field supposed to be printed in long French format, with mainlanguage=british? –  Bernard Aug 3 at 18:19

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Biblatex offers different options to format a date. If the format is not a predefined one, it is possible to use \DeclareFieldFormat to provide a now format, in this case we can provide a format for urldate


To use the abbreviated version for the month one can use the dateabbrev option of biblatex.

enter image description here

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I'm not sure the braces are correctly placed. –  egreg Aug 3 at 20:03
@egreg thanks. fixed now. –  Guido Aug 3 at 20:59
There can’t be much that can’t be changed in LaTeX with tex.sx’s help:) –  Moritz Aug 4 at 12:15

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