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It is possible to make the following thing, helping you Latex...? big formula

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Just a template with PSTricks. The remaining trivial parts are intentionally left as your exercise.


\underbrace{\rnode[l]{int}{\displaystyle\int_{\rnode[bl]{a}{a}}^{\rnode[tl]{b}{b}}}\quad f(x)\quad \mathrm{d}x}_{\text{\tiny Integral of $f$ from $a$ to $b$}}


    \rput(-2,4){\rnode[b]{bnote}{Upper limit of integration}}

enter image description here

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It needs only one compilation to converge to the correct output. – kiss my armpit Aug 3 '14 at 18:04

An option using the tikzmark library:

enter image description here

The code:


\begin{tikzpicture}[remember picture,overlay,#2]
  \node[pin=#4:{\parbox{5cm}{\raggedright #5}}] at ([shift={#1}]pic cs:#3) {};


\underbrace{\tikzmark{i}\int_{\tikzmark{a}a}^{\tikzmark{b}b} f(\tikzmark{f}x)\textrm{d}\tikzmark{x}x}_{\text{\normalsize Integral of $f$ from  $a$ to $b$}\tikzmark{bii}}

\MyInfo{a}{220}{Lower limit  of integration}
\MyInfo[(0,9pt)]{b}{140}{Upper limit  of integration}
\MyInfo[(10pt,6pt)]{x}{40}{$x$ is the variable of integration}
\MyInfo[(2pt,18pt)][pin distance=1.5cm]{f}{90}{The function is the integrand}
\MyInfo[(0pt,3pt)]{bii}{0}{When you find the value \\ of the integral, \\ you have evaluated the integral}


The code needs three runs to stabilize.

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