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So I'm trying my hand at creating some packages (on WriteLaTeX, because my Surface can't run TeX1), and have run into a rather fascinating problem. My packages just won't load; they complain about \ifnum instead. Here's a minimal test case:


\ProvidesPackage{test}[2014-08-04 Hello, World!]


\title{LaTeX Testing}

Hello, World!

Compile error

Missing = inserted for \ifnum.
<to be read again> 

And I'm thinking, when did \ifnum come into this?! (The error occurs on the 'token' after \usepackage, whether that's a newline or a \show or whatever else.) There's plenty on the internet about \ifnum errors, but nothing on just after \usepackage. I have no idea where to even start debugging this, and my options are rather limited due to being stuck with an online service... Some help?

1 Surface RT is a pain sometimes. I do have a proper machine, with LaTeX on it; however, it's not quite as portable, and therefore isn't on hand at the moment.

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The date specification has to be of the format YYYY/MM/DD and not YYYY-MM-DD. The following minimal example works as expected:

\ProvidesPackage{test}[2014/08/04 Hello, World!]
\title{LaTeX Testing}

Hello, World!
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*double facepalm* – michaelb958 Aug 4 '14 at 7:05

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