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I have a file that defines a bunch of commands for various variables that I use in other documents. Here's a small example of what it contains:


I use the input{...} command to insert the above file into the preambles of the documents that use those variables (thus making it very easy to change the symbols I use for the variables across multiple documents). Although the documents build correctly, TexMakerX highlights all calls to those custom commands as "unrecognized commands." Is there a way to get TexMakerX to parse the input file as well so that the syntax highlighting is correct?

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Did my answer help you? If yes it would be nice to vote if no pleas tell me why it didn’t help. – Tobi Jun 10 '11 at 8:58
@Tobi: Thanks for the answer. I was trying out a few different editors looking for a feature that I wanted (preserved indentation for word-wrapped lines) and was annoyed at this highlighting issue with TexMakerX (which has now been renamed to TeXstudio). Ultimately, I settled on building my own version of TeXnicCenter from source since the indentation feature was implemented soon after the latest alpha release. Your answer does seem like a workaround, but it also seems like the only way to address the problem since no one else has chimed in. BTW, the renaming to TeXstudio broke your links. – Brandon Jun 19 '11 at 7:22
OK. Thanks for telling me the broken links. I fixed it. – Tobi Jun 19 '11 at 10:00
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It is possible to create an own CWL-File but this seems to be a workauround in your case. Unfortunatly I couldn’t finde out where to put these files, but I’m still searching …


The files should be in the config directory which is ~/.config/benibela or c:\Documents and Settings/User/AppData/Roaming/benibela. See 1.4 Configuring the autocompletion in the manual. (Mac see below at Update 3)

Update 2

I tried to make an example an it didn’t work. It seems that the given path is wrong, so I ask the developer of tmx for help and give the next update with the (hopefully) working path an an example.

Update 3

Now I got an answer from the developer and at the moment the configfiles on a Mac are only searched in the .app-Folder: /Contents/Resources/completion

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