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Please forgive the strange graph displayed here - I am simply trying to display a replicable chunk of code in the presence of all the packages I am attempting to use and want to avoid displaying data generated outside of my tex code. Whatever solution I come up would ideally generalize to groupplot (i.e. I am trying to avoid drawing my axes from scratch via \draw). I am attempting to compile this in XeLaTeX.

The following chunk:



\node at (.75,4.5) {\fontspec{Arial}w\textsubscript{1}};
\node at (1.25,5) {\fontspec{Arial}w\textsubscript{2}};
\node at (1.75,5.45) {\fontspec{Arial}w\textsubscript{3}};
\node[color=nice_green] at (5.35,3.5) {\fontspec{Arial}Well-being};
    axis lines*=left,
    xlabel=\fontspec{Arial}Household Produced Investments x\textsubscript{ch},
    ylabel=\fontspec{Arial}Market Purchased Investments x\textsubscript{cm},
    axis line style = {line width=2.83464567pt},
    enlarge x limits=false
\addplot[->, nice_blue, line width=2.83464567pt] plot coordinates{(1,1)(5,5)};
\addplot[->, nice_green, line width=2.83464567pt] plot coordinates{(7,7)(8.5,9)};

Should yield the following plot:

enter image description here

I would like to know how to get a clean "mitred" corner in my axis with no gap as opposed to the gap shown in the zoomed image below:

enter image description here

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For this configuration changing the line as below would fix it.

axis line style = {line width=2.83464567pt,shorten <=-0.5\pgflinewidth},

Since the axis lines are drawn separately in this particular case, it might not be worth to force a line join there by other means.

enter image description here

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