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I'm using the res class for my resume, but none of the examples show how to add a photo. How do I add a 2x2 photo somewhere in the upper corners without breaking the layout? (I'm using example #2 in the link)

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Add the following code to the preamble; instead of logo write the name of your photo:


Then in the first address write

  {\bf Present Address} \\
   204 Pawling Avenue \\ Troy, NY 12180  \\
   (518) 273-4617 }

The two arguments to \addphoto are the vertical and horizontal displacements in millimeters. Just play with them until you're satisfied.

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You can use the textpos package. It's really convenient.
Example: (Put this in preamble)

    \textblockorigin{-6mm}{32mm} % start everything near the top-left corner

Then this portion goes in the document

      {\large\bf ABU FAZAL MD SHUMON} \\
      {Address} \\
      {State, Country} \\
      {email} \\
      {\href{url}{link-text}} \\
      {\href{Linkedin URL}{LinkedIn Profile}}

To add picture/image in the upper right corner of the image.

    \begin{tabular}{ L{7cm}  R{5.48cm} }
      \includegraphics[width=0.25\textwidth]{shumon.jpg} \\

Hopefully you would get a decent output towards the end. At least that's I got my purpose served.

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