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I use the multiple \Diamond-product sign (\bDiamond) as described in sign for multiple $\Diamond$-product. Now, in addition, I would like to have a filled \Diamond-product sign, i.e. filled with black. Any suggestions?

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Lots of options here: tex.ac.uk/tex-archive/info/symbols/comprehensive/symbols-a4.pdf – Thruston Aug 17 '14 at 21:06
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With amssymb you have \blacklozenge:



    \scalebox{\ifx#1\displaystyle 2\else1.2\fi}{$#1\Diamond$}%
    \scalebox{\ifx#1\displaystyle 2\else1.2\fi}{$#1\blacklozenge$}%

\bigoplus_{i=1}^n % just for comparison
\bigDiamond_{i=1}^n (a_i\bDiamond b_i)\quad
\textstyle\bigDiamond_{i=1}^n a_i\quad
\scriptstyle\bigDiamond_{i=1}^n a_i\quad
\scriptscriptstyle\bigDiamond_{i=1}^n a_i
\bigoplus_{i=1}^n % just for comparison
\bigLozenge_{i=1}^n (a_i\bLozenge b_i)\quad
\textstyle\bigLozenge_{i=1}^n a_i\quad
\scriptstyle\bigLozenge_{i=1}^n a_i\quad
\scriptscriptstyle\bigLozenge_{i=1}^n a_i

enter image description here

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You can use tikz to draw it. Here is a comparison of the filled in version along with the \Diamond

enter image description here


  • This version requires additional work to be able to scale as well as egreg's version for different math sizes.
  • I defined a separate macro if a dash over it is desired. However, if you did not have other options that were required, I would define a starred variant of the macro \MyDiamond* to include the dash.


\usepackage{amssymb,amsmath, graphicx}

\newcommand{\sqdiamond}[1][fill=black]{\tikz [x=1.2ex,y=1.85ex,line width=.1ex,line join=round, yshift=-0.285ex] \draw  [#1]  (0,.5) -- (.5,1) -- (1,.5) -- (.5,0) -- (0,.5) -- cycle;}%
    \tikz [x=1.2ex,y=1.85ex,line width=.1ex,line join=round, yshift=-0.285ex] 
        \draw  [#1]  
            (0,.5) -- (.5,1) -- (1,.5) -- (.5,0) -- (0,.5) -- cycle
            (0,1.1) --  (1,1.1);


$a \Diamond b \MyDiamond c \MyDiamond[draw=red,fill=cyan] d \MyDiamondDash[draw=red,fill=cyan] e$

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I would like to have the same shape as $\Diamond$. – ocon Aug 17 '14 at 21:14
@HennerWild: Adjusted to be same shape as \Diamond. – Peter Grill Aug 18 '14 at 6:47
@Peter Grill Using your solution, is it possible to add an horizontal line above the diamond ? – Manuel Selva Nov 5 '15 at 14:42
@ManuelSelva: Have updated solution to include that. – Peter Grill Nov 6 '15 at 3:07




\begin{tabular}{l l}
With \texttt{mathabx}:   &  $ a \bluediamond b $ \\
With \texttt{amssymb}:  & $ a \bluelozenge b $


enter image description here

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And here the obligatory unicode-answer:

% arara: lualatex


    Unicode & Symbol\\
    \verb|U+2B26| & $\mdwhtdiamond$\\
    \verb|U+2B25| & $\mdblkdiamond$\\
    \verb|U+2B28| & $\mdwhtlozenge$\\
    \verb|U+2B27| & $\mdblklozenge$\\
    \verb|U+22C4| & $\smwhtdiamond$\\   
    \verb|U+2B29| & $\smblkdiamond$\\
    \verb|U+2B2B| & $\smwhtlozenge$\\
    \verb|U+2B2A| & $\smblklozenge$\\
    \verb|U+25C7| & $\mdlgwhtdiamond$\\
    \verb|U+25C6| & $\mdlgblkdiamond$\\
    \verb|U+2662| & $\diamondsuit$\\
    \verb|U+2666| & $\vardiamondsuit$\\
If you can't decide, take $\blackinwhitediamond$ or a half version like these: $\diamondleftblack\diamondrightblack\diamondtopblack\diamondbotblack$    

enter image description here

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