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I have defined a custom float using the newfloat command from the float package. My custom float uses the ruled style, defined in the same package. This is a minimal example of what I'm doing:





public void foo(int bar) {
\caption{An example of a foobar program}


What I don't like, is the vertical space that lies between the last line of the contents and the bottom rule of the float. Is there a way to reduce that space?

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You can redefine the internal \fs@ruled macro to add a negative vertical skip before the bottom rule; add the following lines to the preamble of your document (change -0.7\baselineskip according to your needs):

  \def\@fs@pre{\hrule height.8pt depth0pt \kern2pt}%
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Works great! Thanks a lot! – 3lectrologos Jun 3 '11 at 20:41

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