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It is possible to change the x distance within TikZ internal coordinate system by passing the /tikz/x= key to the tikzpicture environment.

% Picture code

I need to get the value stored inside this key within a picture to perform some calculations. Is it possible to do so ? What I'm looking for is something like this...

 % Some command to get the x value and store it in a macro for example /myx

 %\pgfkeysvalueof{/tikz/x} or \pgfkeys{/tikz/x/.get=\myx} don't seem to work

 % Use the \myx in calculations
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Unfortunately the value isn't stored inside the key, as it is parsed immediately (the argument to the |x| key can be a coordinate) and then passed on to \pgfsetxvec.

But there are still a couple of ways to get the x-component of the coordinate system.

\node {$x_1$: \x, $x_2$: \the\pgf@xx};

enter image description here

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