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\nopagebreak makes it infinitely bad to break at that point. So TeX will not break at that node However it is possible that it breaks at that point visually for example

 blah blah

 \hrule height 0pt

 blah blah

Then TeX will not break above the invisible rule, but may break after the invisible rule. So it may seem that adding \nopagebreak has not worked.

In complicated macros like section headings that are adding multiple penalties and spaces, each of which separately introduces a potential breakpoint it can be quite hard to prevent page breaking with a single \nopagebreak but the details depend on the exact details of the macro, and where it is inserting vertical space and penalties.

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Can you give an example where the output is visually affected by a single \nopagebreak command? – Ari Brodsky Sep 2 '14 at 1:48

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