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I'm joining my papers for my thesis and face an issue with sideways tables. I have several sideways tables. In each separate paper, they are fine, always top on the left. When I put the papers together as chapters in my thesis, the tables just alternately turn 180 degrees (top on the left, then top on the right,...). Any explanation and solution?

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From the user guide of the rotating package, which provides the environments sidewaysfigure and sidewaystable:

If the twoside option has been given to the main document class (either explicitly, or implicitly as in the default for book class), the package will rotate sideways figures [and tables] according to the page number (this requires at least two passes through LATEX). If you want the twoside option, but want the figures [and tables] always in one direction, use the figuresright or figuresleft options to the package.

(added [and tables] twice)

I'm surmising that you prefer the outcome generated by the option figuresright.

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That simply works. Perfect. Thanks! And yes, I need the 'figuresright'. – user76911 Aug 30 '14 at 22:53

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