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I need to include several lines before the chapter title for some (not all) chapters. A new chapter always starts with a new page, how to realize the following layout for certain chapter while other chapters are normal?

paragraph before the chapter title

Chapter 1 Introduction


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What \documentclass are you using? Could you provide the community with a minimal working example (MWE), since chapter styling heavily depends on the document class and other packages you may be using. – Werner Sep 1 '14 at 5:48
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You can temporarily switch off the impact of a \clearpage - typically inserted when using \chapter:

enter image description here

\chapter{A chapter}

\cleardoublepage% Move to first page of new chapter
\let\clearpage\relax% Don't allow page break

\chapter{Another chapter}

\chapter{Final chapter}

The above example would work in twoside mode as well.

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Thanks Werner, I should mention that I'm using \documentclass{book}, your code above does not work well for book class. – Tony Dong Sep 1 '14 at 6:41
I got it, just letting cleardoublepage relax works fine, thank you Werner. – Tony Dong Sep 1 '14 at 6:44
@TonyDong: No; issue \cleardoublepage instead of \clearpage. I'll update the answer. – Werner Sep 1 '14 at 16:28

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