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I am trying to produce a diagram similar to the following (from Wikipedia)


in TiKz. Now, I thought this would be relatively simple, however, I am having trouble getting the elements (the dots) to be of the correct size and am unsure how to elegantly surround the elements in an ellipse. My current TiKz code is


 \begin{tikzpicture}[ele/.style={fill=black,minimum size=2pt,circle}, node distance=7pt]
  \node[ele] (a1) {};
  \node[ele] (a2) [below=of a1] {};
  \node[ele] (a3) [below=of a2] {};
  \node[ele] (a4) [below=of a3] {};
  \node[ele] (b1) [right=of a1,xshift=15pt] {};
  \node[ele] (b2) [below=of b1] {};
  \node[ele] (b3) [below=of b2] {};
  \node[ele] (b4) [below=of b3] {};
  \draw[->,thick] (a1) -- (b4);
  \draw[->,thick] (a2) -- (b2);
  \draw[->,thick] (a3) -- (b1);
  \draw[->,thick] (a4) -- (b3);

which renders as


Can anyone recommend a more elegant means of drawing such a diagram?

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Set inner sep in the ele style to 0. – Caramdir Jun 5 '11 at 20:22
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 \begin{tikzpicture}[ele/.style={fill=black,circle,minimum width=.8pt,inner sep=1pt},every fit/.style={ellipse,draw,inner sep=-2pt}]
  \node[ele,label=left:$a$] (a1) at (0,4) {};    
  \node[ele,label=left:$b$] (a2) at (0,3) {};    
  \node[ele,label=left:$c$] (a3) at (0,2) {};
  \node[ele,label=left:$d$] (a4) at (0,1) {};

  \node[ele,,label=right:$1$] (b1) at (4,4) {};
  \node[ele,,label=right:$2$] (b2) at (4,3) {};
  \node[ele,,label=right:$3$] (b3) at (4,2) {};
  \node[ele,,label=right:$4$] (b4) at (4,1) {};

  \node[draw,fit= (a1) (a2) (a3) (a4),minimum width=2cm] {} ;
  \node[draw,fit= (b1) (b2) (b3) (b4),minimum width=2cm] {} ;  
  \draw[->,thick,shorten <=2pt,shorten >=2pt] (a1) -- (b4);
  \draw[->,thick,shorten <=2pt,shorten >=2] (a2) -- (b2);
  \draw[->,thick,shorten <=2pt,shorten >=2] (a3) -- (b1);
  \draw[->,thick,shorten <=2pt,shorten >=2] (a4) -- (b3);

enter image description here

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minimum width=.8pt,inner sep=1pt to get smaller points – Alain Matthes Jun 5 '11 at 21:32

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