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I'm creating a presentation with LaTeX beamer and want to print out some handouts. The handout should fit onto a A4 page and should have the following format. The page is (virtually) split in 4 parts. On the upper and lower left hand side are slides n and n+1, on the upper and lower right hand side should be some lines. So each participant can write some (side)notes on it. How can I realize this?

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Is the two slides per page an absolute requirement? If you can live with four slides per page (plus space for notes in the right hand side), you may look to the answer I gave some time ago to a similar query:

printing beamer slides

Hope this helps.

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Thanks. That is exactly what I was looking for. – qbi Jun 6 '11 at 10:57
@qbi: Just a side note: If you also use the textpos package for absolute positioning of material on beamer slides (as recommended by the beamer manual), this does not go well together with n-up solutions that built on pgfpages. Both interact badly on the shipout-level: the textpos content is not shifted or scaled (which was the reason I stopped using pgfpages). – Daniel Jun 6 '11 at 12:09

You can accomplish such tasks easily with the pdfnup command, which is part of the pdfjam tool suite. For instance

pdfnup --a4paper --landscape --nup 1x2 --scale 0.85 --offset '-6cm 0cm' --pagecolor 200,200,200 presentation.pdf

yields the following layout (I have set the background color to light gray with --pagecolor 200,200,200, so that the actual layout becomes visible.)

Output of pdfnup call

Technically, pdfjam is based on the pdfpages LaTeX package (and understands all its options). It internally creates a latex-file and calls pdflatex on it to achieve its goals. Hence, if you do not want install another tool, you could also apply a "LaTeX only" solution. The LaTeX file generated by pdfnup for the above command line is:

\usepackage{color} \definecolor{bgclr}{RGB}{200,200,200} \pagecolor{bgclr}

\includepdfmerge[nup=2x1,nup=1x2,scale=0.85,offset=-6cm 0cm]{presentation.pdf,-}

I recommend, however, to install pdfjam (if you do not already have it). In any case you could check out the pdfpages documentation for a detailed description of options and possibilities.

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