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Similar to this question: How to make pgfplots vertical labels have proper hyperref erence box? Except, that I am trying to get hyperref working with angled rotated x-axis labels: plot plot2

Got it working, thanks to @Jake.


Update: Got it sorted with href. Thanks.

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There was a similar post with hyperref rotation stuff, perhaps this is of use how-to-make-pgfplots-vertical-labels-have-proper-hyperref-erence-box – Christian Feuersänger Jun 6 '11 at 1:24
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You can wrap all the tick labels in a rotatebox by using the \ticklabel key (instead of \ticklabels) and defining the references in a list with \noexpand so they survive all the processing. You should use an anchor that is equivalent to the rotation of the labels, to avoid getting an offset:

\section{the beginning}
This is a test.\label{test} \\
This is \nameref{test}. 
\section{second section}
Test two \label{testtwo}

  x tick label style={anchor=65}]
\addplot+[only marks,
  error bars/.cd,
    y dir=both,
    y explicit,
    error bar style={line width=2pt},
    error mark options={
      mark size=8pt,
      line width=2pt}
coordinates {
(3,1) +- (0,0.35665)
(2,1) +- (0,-0.35048)
(1,1) +- (0,0.150255)

pgfplots with rotate tick labels

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oooo that looks good. I will get right on it. Many thanks. As always. – Frank_Zafka Jun 6 '11 at 8:18

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