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When mixing fonts in XeTeX, some fonts have quite different aspects for the same size.

Say, I'm using Linux Libertine as my main font and I want to use Latino Elongated for chapter headings. Latino Elongated is quite smaller than Linux Libertine for the same font size (11pt).

Is there a way to specify the default font size when loading a font via \newfontfamily, such that all text written using that font is scaled up?

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\newfontfamily{\myfamily}[Scale=MatchUppercase]{My Font}
\newfontfamily{\myfamily}[Scale=MatchLowercase]{My Font}
\newfontfamily{\myfamily}[Scale=0.8]{My Font}

Choose what suits you best.

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Great, thank you. –  ℝaphink Jun 6 '11 at 12:29

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