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I try do define a command \tes@define@key@length. Everything work but when I use the following line:

\expandafter\setlength\csname test@#1@length\endcsname{\csname testl@#1\endcsname}%

I get an error. Here an example where I comment the special line:



%#1 Bezeichnung Länge
%#2 Defaultwert Länge
 \csxdef{test@#1}{#1 wurde definiert}
 \gdef\test@default{#2 ist der Defaultwert}
 \expandafter\newlength\csname test@#1@length\endcsname
 \expandafter\setlength\csname test@#1@length\endcsname{#2}%
%#1 option
%    \expandafter\setlength\csname test@#1@length\endcsname{\csname testl@#1\endcsname}%






\advance\test@skipabove@length by 2pt


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\test@skipabove@length is not defined until you use \tes@optionlength{skipabove}{4pt}. But you use \tes@define@key@length{skipabove} without defining the length earlier.

BTW, you can simply use

\setlength{\csname test@#1@length\endcsname}{\csname testl@#1\endcsname}

without \expandafter.

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thanks. Without expandafter is new for me. But the mistake is very bad – Marco Daniel Jun 11 '11 at 12:22

The error I see is that the length \test@#1@length is not yet defined when you try to set it up.

If I add \expandafter\show\csname test@#1@length\endcsname before the commented line, I get

> \test@skipabove@length=\relax
<recently read> \test@skipabove@length
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thanks. I can't accept both answers ;-) – Marco Daniel Jun 11 '11 at 11:57

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