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Possible Duplicate:
Removing the borders from algorithm listings

I am relatively new to Latex. If I use standard algorithm and algorithmic for my algorithm listings I'm getting the borders displayed around the table with the pseudocode. How to remove them? I als want to have the caption of the algorithm below the pseudocode - it is currently above. I believe the problem is extremely easy but googling didn't give me any hints for that.

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@Jamie: enclose your inline code with a pair of ` signs so you can save more keystrokes than what you did (enclosing the code with <code>). :-) – xport Jun 15 '11 at 13:14

Something like this?

\REQUIRE $n \geq 0 \vee x \neq 0$
\ENSURE $y = x^n$
\STATE $y \leftarrow 1$
\caption{Calculate $y = x^n$}

enter image description here

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