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I have a reference document for some software that I would like to publish online, and to provide a pdf and multi-page html version. DocBook looks idea for this, similar to how subversion publish their manual; http://svnbook.red-bean.com/

However I would like to be able to collaboratively edit the document on the similar to google docs, or mediawiki.

I am using lots of equations so LaTax support is highly sought after.

Any suggestions on what I can use?

I have looked at the Heirarchy and DocBook plugins for wikipedia, but they seem old and unmaintained and I couldn't get them to work as I want.

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For a wiki-based solution, you could take a look at Instiki. It uses a program called itexToMML to convert a subset of LaTeX mathematical syntax to MathML. Normal text is entered using a variant of Markdown.

For an example thereof, take a look at the nLab.

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