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I'm using the package hyperref, and it works perfectly. But I want that when I click in link generated by the package, the destination of the link, the figure or the equation, stays centralized on the screen, not at the extremes. How could I do this?

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For floats (figures and tables) the hypcap package (same author as hyperref) is useful. It takes care that the hyperlink jumps to the beginning of the float, not the caption of it. However, this doesn't guarantee that the whole float is displayed. Also, this most likely doesn't do anything for equations.

Simply load the hypcap package after hyperref.

In general it would also be possible to generate a hypertarget which displays a certain rectangle, like the whole figure or equation when used as a link target. For this the pdfview option must be set to FitR and the position of two diagonal corners must be known. These could be acquired using the zref-abspos package (again same author as hyperref :-) ).

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