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I'm trying to create an environment able to understand when it's on a single/two columns layout and to span over multiple pages or columns having different style for the two cases. I would want to obtain something like this example:


I tried framed and mdframed package but they seem not to be quite configurable for my needs and seem to have problems with 2-columns layout. Can you advise me a quite configurable package which can do what i need (see the attachment) or if not, is there a command which i can use to understand when i reached the end of page or column?

To solve my problem I'm trying to use TikZ nodes to create the frame, and i would understand when it's time to go on the next page/column to create a new node and put there the following text, but i don't know how to create the partially dashed line on corners, and how to detect the end of page or column. Any suggestion?

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Mmm, see my answer to Test if a paragraph has a page break in it? which is somehow similar to what you want. It could be used to create some style like the one in your example file. – Martin Scharrer Jul 2 '11 at 15:34

It is also possible to raise the lines with package xhfill





enter image description here

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